Someone once said:

“You cannot fall in love with Italy until you can fall in love with food”

There are hundreds of fantastic restaurants offering the very best of Italian cuisine all over Cilento.

We want you to experience the very best of this world famous “Mediterranean Diet” that originates from this amazing part of Italy.

Our specialist and experienced chef “Mikka” has made this possible and very easy for you.

Please have a look at her comprehensive ‘menu’ that can provide you with simple appetisers for delivery to you, to a fully prepared meal for you and your guests. All she needs is 48 hours notice to ensure everything is fresh, and mouthwateringly delicious for you.

Each dish is prepared as an individual sealed portion and the price shown is per portion.


Dominique Amendola 'Mikka' with Pinelli Private Dining


  • CAPRESE                                    € 4.00

  • LASAGNA CILENTANA                 € 5.00


  •  GATEAU DI PATATE                     € 4.00

  •  VERDURE ALLA GRIGLIA              € 3.00

  •  SPIEDINI DI FRUTTA                   € 2.00

  •  'MIKAMISU'                              € 5.00


  • ALICI MARINATE                        € 4.00

  • POLPO ALL'INSALATA                 € 5.00

  • INSALATA DI RISO E FARRO        € 4.00

    AL PROFUMO DI LIMONE           € 4.00

  • VERDURE MARINATE                  € 3.00

  • INSALATA                                  € 2.00

  • MACEDONIA DI FRUTTA             € 3.00

  • 'MIKAMISU'                              € 5.00


For this menu Mikka will have to be present as it is prepared and cooked personally in your presence.
It is a menu of fresh and elaborate fish.

€ 60.00

The PINELLI Private Motor Yacht

And for the opportunity to experience a really unique and unforgettable meal with a difference, come and indulge yourself and create very special memories for your partner , the Italian word for this is :

On board The Pinelli luxury motor yacht we offer a very exclusive dining experience ~ whether it is to propose, celebrate a special occasion or just because you want to enjoy a memorable evening.

Usually it is just for couples but we can cater for a maximum of 6.

The Pinelli is based just 3 Nautical Miles from the Amalfi Coast, and your sunset Private dining experience will take in the sun setting over Capri, whilst at a secluded anchor off the coast.

What’s included with your PINELLI Private Dining Experience

  • Reservation from €200per person maximum of 6 guests

  • Complimentary Prosecco with canapés

  • Free shuttle to and from Salerno

  • WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity

  • Special Memories

Check in from 19:30
Dinner served from 20:30
Return to harbour from 23:00
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